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Published: 15th June 2009
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The first oil lamp was made during the Stone Age. Now there's an interesting bit of history. The lamp could be described as extremely rough; likely make from a hollow out rock. The creator then lined the carved out rock with some moss. Finally, a wick soaked in animal fat was the final touch to this much needed invention; a source of light after dark fall. Of course, while this design was very functional, it's quite different from the oil lamps we seek to collect today.

The antique oil lamps collected in this day and age are prized for not only their cultural value, but also the decorative appeal the provide. There is a tremendous following for this kind of lamp. Antique hanging oil lamps, fancy brass lamps, Aladdin oil lamps also draw quite a lot of interest from collectors. For now, we will discuss antique oil lamps.

What Do These Lamps Typically Look Like:
As you will find, most antique oil lamps, especially the victorian oil lamps, have a large glass globe on the bottom and a smaller glass globe on top. They are extremely decorative pieces and most of the time you will find that both top and bottom globes sport a variety of flowery designs. At the time they were made; they were constructed by hand. In spite of the fact that these lamps were made by hand, you will find them available in nearly every imaginable color.

Collecting Ideas:
Antique oil lamps are now one of the most highly collected items in this last decade. Once a necessity, antique oil lamps are now treasured by many for the settling glow and mood setting attributes they impart to any room. They can be used to accent any room and provide a warm inviting splash of color to the environment.

They can also be used in outdoor settings as a unique and clever way to light up the back yard for a night time get-together with the neighborhood. One should consider an antique hanging oil lamp, in this case. These lamps can make an interesting takeoff on a tiki torch if you like; you can find poles that stick in the ground with hooks on top to hang the lamps on.

Where They Can Be Found:
These decorative lamps are easily found in Amazon auctions every day of the year. If you'd like to see them, up close, you can find them at local auctions, estate sales and many antique stores right in your own hometown.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay?:
Of course you can expect antique oil lamps to vary in price. I did find that 19th century oil lamps in the best condition hardly ever sell for less than $300.00

Many people have made searching for these antique treasures a hobby. Collecting and displaying these lamps is a wonderful way to preserve history and work a few antiques into your decor.

Antique Oil Lamps are one of the most fun collectibles right now. Learn more about collecting by Clicking Here.

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